Certificated | Artworks



What is a Certificated Fine Art Picture?
Photography is now fully considerated as an artistic field of research and espression. A certificated Picture is officially a piece of Art, as a painting. Every picture has an”ID” and a serial number. I usually do only five edition of the same pictures, worldwide.
What does make the difference between Fashion and Fine Art Photography?
The conceptual and aesthetic research, the materials and print process, the  acknowledgement of the style and value from the Artistic community (Galleries, Foundation, Press etc.)
Why should I pay so much for a Picture?
Because it’s Art, because it’s unique (there are only five edition in all the world), and because the reaserch, production and printing process are very expensive. You aren’t buying a picture; you’re buying a piece of an artist’s life. Every Artwork is signed and enumerated.
How could I be sure that there are only five editions of the same artworks?
You’ll receive also the Certificate of Authenticity, signed & marked. You’ll also receive the location of the other pictures.
May I choose the supports or frames for the Artworks?
Sure; we’ll send you the samples of the frames/supports